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  • "WHile looking for a child ATV I saw a VFR1200 that really interested me. Stopped by cold an hour before closing and was immediately greeted and shown the bike, Allowed a test drive, offered financing without dealer points being added, and in roughly 50 minutes was the proud new Owner of a Honda VFR1200.

    They filled the tank, gave me a T-shirt, helped me find a good helmet and out the door I went.

    Great experience, and they are not out to wring every dollar out of a customer."

    Overall Rating:
    William Patton - Tullahoma, TN
  • "I was looking for a Honda DN-01 and when searching Craigslist, an ad popped up for a perfect sample. Itr was a link to the Pioneer Motorcycles bike. Purchased via telephone and pictures on the Internet. Complete trust was immediately established and proved to be warranted. Great employees, excellent stock, excellent customer relations and the ability to make the customer feel important. Also creates the appearance of receiving an excellent deal. Could not be happier with the dealership, unless they were 50 miles closer :)."

    Overall Rating:
    Tom Hammett - Hixson, TN
  • "I presented a unique challenge to Pioneer with a rare brand of trike conversion. They handled it professionally and made sure everything was just right. They have a great trike mechanic and knowledgable staff."

    Overall Rating:
    Rickey Limbaugh - Decherd, TN
  • "I LOVE my Honda VTX1300 Champion trike! Loved the personal service we received while shopping, and were very impressed with all the positive comments from other customers in the store regarding Pioneer's staff and the way they run their business. They spent a lot of time with us and were very patient with a couple of "trike newbies." I am a very satisfied customer, and always look for a chance to mention their name to friends and acquaintences."

    Overall Rating:
    Vickie Meader - union grove, AL
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